How Do You Cure Tinnitus?

Posted on: January 29, 2011

Tinnitus is a condition where a person suffers ringing, buzzing, humming, or clicking sound in the ear. The top causes of tinnitus are:

a. Drugs– medications like aspirin and alcohol can cause tinnitus.

b. Lurking ear diseases– if you are suffering from gradual loss of hearing, consult your EENT (or Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat doctor). Hear loss is often accompanied by ear noise. Also, infections, Meniere’s Disease, and sinusitis can cause tinnitus.

c. General health problems– have your blood pressure checked as this may cause frequent headaches (especially at the back of your head), and ear ringing.

d. Stress– this can aggravate tinnitus.

Tinnitus is often persistent but sufferers only hear the ringing intermittently… Especially when they are under stress.”

e. Malnutrition– deficiency in certain metals such as zinc and magnesium often cause ear ringing.

f. Trauma– if you had a car accident in the past few months which involved even just slight trauma to the head (and ear area), do consult your doctor.

Tinnitus Treatments

Getting rid of the causes most often gets rid of the irritating ear noise. However, this is not very easy.

Most people who have tried and tested tons of products, devices (like Tinnitus Maskers), even surgery to cure tinnitus often find temporary relief only.

Top 3 Natural Treatments For Tinnitus

These treatments have been used effectively against tinnitus for thousands of years:

Tinnitus Miracle Video Review. This is the 'hottest' ear noise treatment product in the market today. Does it really work?

a. Acupuncture– Several controlled studies have shown that acupuncture can reduce symptoms of tinnitus. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) distinguishes the differences between chronic or intermittent tinnitus from an acute, or sudden onset.

    • Chronic Tinnitus usually presents with a low, buzzing sound and is associated with general weakness, and thought to be a “deficiency” condition. Thus, “tonifying” is indicated.
    • The Sudden Onset Tinnitus is thought to be due to and “excess” in something and the ringing is low, like screaming or thunder, and is not relieved by pressure on the ear. This presentation is treated by removing the “interferences” in the meridians around the ears.

A basic acupuncture prescription for tinnitus, which may take 10 to 15 sessions for improvement:

  • San Jao 3 and 17,
  • Gallbladder 2 and 43,
  • with Kidney 3 and 6 for the chronic type.
  • Scalp or ear points are also useful.

TCM has been around for many centuries; acupuncture often works, and it doesn’t hurt.

b. Eustachian Tube Drainage– is a technique used by naturopathic practitioners to relieve congestion in the tube behind the eardrum by draining the fluid out of the ear. Consult your local naturopath about this very simple procedure. This is also commonly done to people who are suffering from simple ear infection and unblocking the ears after diving or flying.

To DIY, you can follow the simple steps below:

    • Gently go beyond the hinge, towards the back of the throat until you find a stringy vertical tendon. This is called the “tonsillar pillar”.  Touching here will make most people gag, so go softly and carefully.
    • Just behind the tonsillar pillar, down low near the root of the tongue, is the Eustachian tube, which feels like a small “mole tunnel” under the flesh. It may be impossible to feel, but if you got the tonsillar pillar you’re in the right area.
    • Gently stroke the Eustachian tube from the ear side of the back of the throat towards the middle (towards the tongue) several times until you can’t stand it. Same thing on the other side if the tinnitus is bilateral.
    • Do this daily and consistently for up to a week. Repeat as needed.


c. Homeopathy– A 250-year-old medical science with German origins which uses plant, mineral and even animal material in minute doses to help the patient’s innate “healing force” to overcome certain disease conditions.  While better results are to be expected when working with a trained homeopath, the following remedies (with key symptoms in parentheses) have been useful in tinnitus:

  • Carbo veg: tinnitus after an illness
  • Cimicifuga: head and neck tension, hypersensitive, menstrual headaches
  • Coffea cruda: buzzing in back of head, insomnia
  • Graphites: tinnitus and deafness, cracking skin, constipation
  • Kali carb: roaring noises with itchy ears; queasy stomach
  • Lycopodium: echoing sound, chronic digestive or urinary tract problems
  • Nat salicylicum: low, dull hum. Helpful in Meniere’s diseaseSalicylicum acidum: loud roaring, may present with vertigo or deafness. Especially helpful if tinnitus is due to excessive aspirin use.

The Mistakes that Sufferers Often Make:

Hunting for ear noise treatments that work permanently can be tough fore some because… They jump around looking for “instant” tinnitus cures which work for awhile only.

The Truth About Permanent Tinnitus Cure

Researches have found that the best way to get rid of the tinnitus completely is through holistic approach. A comprehensive system that deals with every aspect like possible health diseases that could have caused the ear noise, stress, nutritional aspect, homeopathic remedies, etc is usually most effective.

So far, one of the most comprehensive programs we’ve seen to help naturally cure tinnitus is a step-by-step program called Tinnitus Miracle. I did quite a lot of research and found that this ‘system’ has the highest positive feedback. Here’s a Tinnitus Miracle video review that would give you a sneak peak of what’s actually inside this program.


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