At home, it’s my job to remember due dates for all of our bills. Like a typical household, we pay utilities, internet, phones (we have 5), credit card bills, cable fees, etc, etc.

In the past, when things got hectic I would forget to pay some of them on time.I find it stressful to pay penalties for late payment. So I started adapting the following to help me never miss a due date ever again.

a. I put all my bills in 1 box. When I have time, I sort them in two categories:

  • Category A: Bills due before the 15th of the month
  • Category B: Bills due before the end of the month

b. After sorting, I select the bill with most immediate due date (for example 10th day of the month).

c. On my planner/ organizer, I mark one or two days before that date as “due” for all my Category A bills. Then I list all the details of the bills, amount, and other details on the planner.

My Planner

d. When I write checks or go to the bank or online to pay my bills, I can do them all at the same time by just looking at one date on my planner.

e. I do the same for the Category B bills.

*This can also be applied if you are using blackberry or other digital organizer. They’re even better because you can set them with alarm to remind you that you need to pay your bills on that day. Setting payment dates to 2 days before deadline is highly effective in avoiding penalties for late payment.

Simple stuff usually work best.

Make life simple.




I’ve just posted an album full of my favorite tasty-looking, calorie-packed desserts in my Facebook account and I was amazed with the viral responses from my friends!

Anyway, let me give you a glimpse on some of my favorite fatty-and-sugary food… (Mmmmm… just thinking of them makes me want to eat again.. lol.)


My Chicken Club Tacos at Chili's

All Time Favorite: Molten Chocolate Cake at Chili's

As you can see, I love to eat. But I’m still thin! :) Lovin’ it.

Anyway, as I was saying, my friends were asking me how I lose all the calories that I eat.  So… I thought I’d share some of my weight loss secrets.

  • First of all, I’m NOT gifted with high metabolism rate. I was once overweight too and I had to cut down about 25 lbs using some simple methods. Well, as I said, I was not born with a fat burning furnace in my body.
  • Secondly, the type of food you saw on the pictures are really what I eat BUT in moderation only. I mean, I don’t eat two plates of Tacos at a time. Or three types of dessert at a time.
  • And thirdly, I do NOT exercise at all. I’m lazy when it comes to exercising.

So how do I keep my waist line at 24 inches and my weight below 110 lbs?

Really simple, believe it or not… I only did two things to lose weight. And I still do the same to maintain it.

Click here to continue reading and I’ll see you on the next page. 🙂

Simple things usually work best.

Make life simple.


Adolescents are most commonly affected by acne. However, for some, acne persists even throughout their adulthood.

My skin is not perfect, but I’ve never had BAD acne outbreaks… If you have bad acne outbreaks, I recommend that you get some help or get a good health program to clear your pimples. You can watch the video in this acne treatment review site.

I usually have less than 5 new pimples per month. It’s not too bad unless they stay on my face longer than a week and leave scars! Acne scars lower my self esteem more than anything else… so I always try to avoid getting the marks that acne leaves.

Anyway… Let’s get down to business.

What Causes Acne in Adults?

For adults, acne may be due to heredity, hygiene, or hormonal activity. Other culprits are allergies (to food and cosmetics), toxin build-up in the body, stress, and others.

Easy Tips to Get Rid of Acne

  1. Don’t scratch or pop your pimples. I’m sometime guilty of this and when the deed is done, I always regret it. Popping your pimples can leave not only marks on your face, but also visible holes. Marks may be easily erased by facial treatments, but the holes (or uneven facial texture) are hard to smoothen.
  2. Hide your acne from your self. Buy a good concealer to hide the pimples. If you always notice them, you will be more tempted to pop them.
  3. How to dry a pimple overnight? Get a clean cotton swab.. Dip it in a hot (but not burning hot!!! just tolerable) water. Roll it gently on your pimple. Repeat the process once more. Then get a great and long night sleep.
  4. Long-term plan on how you can get rid of acne? Vitamin A! I eat plenty of vegetables rich in Vitamin A. You can easily identify vitamin A rich vegies because of their yellow color. Then I also take 10,000 IU vitamin A softgels from the health food store. This usually gives results in 2-3 days. You will notice the pimples healing and your skin glowing!
  5. Find a soap that “agrees”  with your skin. I tried to use acne soaps in the past but they just dried my skin and made my pimples worse. Right now, I’m just using Dove beauty bar (the white, regular one). I wash my face twice a day. I don’t scrub it or tug on it.
  6. Have patience. For some people, acne scars don’t linger too long. But for some, it can take even up to a month for the scars and blemish to disappear. Just leave them alone and don’t poke them. The more you poke them, the longer they’ll be there.

These are easy acne-remedies that work for me. If you are having really bad acne attack, consider approaching treatment holistically. I have done some research online on the best holistic treatment for acne and I found this cool acne treatment video review.

‘Til next time in this website!

Make life simple.

Hello Friend,

You are here because you have a problem: RENEWING YOUR BUSINESS LICENSE. I had that same problem too a month ago (January 2011). The requirements on Renewal are similar to the requirements on your first time application with very few additions:

  • Application Form– You can get the form on a big tent especially set up outside the City Hall for the renewal of Business Licenses. Fill it out completely and have it notarized. If you want it notarized inside Makati City Hall, go to the 17th floor. After getting off of the elevator, go straight. The second door on the left is where you need to go to. But… to SPARE YOU from too much trouble, you can check out the small stores (or photocopiers) right behind the City Hall. They usually have huge “Notary Public” signs plastered on their walls. They’d notarize your application form for 50 pesos.
  • Insurance– they are sold just outside Makati City Hall. A smaller tent for insurance companies are also set up outside city hall. There is usually a separate tent for Insurance (the complete insurance name is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance or CGLI). It’s not too high. If you have a business space of 50 square meters, you would probably pay 1700 pesos or something for a one year coverage. You will have at least 20 choices. I usually get BPI M/S by the Bank of the Philippine Islands.
  • Barangay Business Clearance– a barangay is like a village. In a tent outside City Hall you will find several tables where each barangay has representatives that would issue your Barangay Business Clearance and some kind of stickers. These representatives will ask you for PHOTOCOPIES of your previous Barangay Business Clearance and your old Mayor’s Permit (a.k.a. Business License)… Here, you need to pay about 1500 more or less (not very sure).
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC) for a Corporation– here you will pay 500 pesos plus(if you made a lot of profit in the past year and your corporation has a lot of assets or properties, you may have to pay a higher fee). You can get this in the same tent as where you got your Barangay Business Clearance. You will be asked for your previous CTC or CTC number. If you don’t have it anymore, it’s ok because they can look it up on their computer.
  • BIR Financial Statement– your accountant should take care of this and just give you a copy.
  • SSS Clearance– this is a proof that you paid your employees’ Social Security fees in full.

Photocopy all your requirements. You have to submit them to a person (in the same tent where you got your Barangay Business Clearance and Community Tax Certificate) who checks if all your requirements are complete. The following original documents should be submitted:

  • Notarized Application Form
  • Barangay Business Clearance

The following photocopied documents should be submitted:

  • Community Tax Certificate for Corporation
  • Insurance (CGLI)
  • SSS Clearance
  • BIR Financial Statement

Once your documents are complete, the person who checks them will direct you to another person who will receive the papers for assessment of fees; and give you a small receipt which indicates the day you need to come back to City Hall to pay the renewal fees (usually after 5 working days).

On the day you are told to come back, you have to get the same set of papers you submitted from the same tent. Then, you need to go inside City Hall to pay the Renewal Fees. The cashier is located at the ground floor, first window on the RIGHT (right across Land Bank of the Philippines).

After paying the fees and getting your receipt, you need to go to the Fire Department representatives located on the lobby of City Hall. You can see them from the window where you pay the Renewal Fees.

You do NOT pay anything at the Fire Department. They will write some stuff down. Once you’re done here, they will direct you to another person on a nearby table who will get all the documents you have just received:

  • Notarized Application Form
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Photocopy of CTC
  • Photocopy of Insurance
  • Photocopy of Financial Statement
  • Photocopy of SSS clearance
  • Original Receipt of paying Renewal Fees
  • Fire Department stuff

He/ She will give you a small receipt/paper that states the date on when you can claim your Makati City Business License (ALAS!)!!!!!

PIECE OF ADVICE: Don’t come on the date written on the paper. Most likely, your Business License is NOT yet ready by then. Come 2 or 3 weeks past the date on the receipt.

To claim your Business License, go to the first window on the LEFT. Write the name of your corporation on a piece of paper. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ORIGINAL “RECEIPT” given on your last visit. If you see the pictures below, you will know why. It might just get lost.


Some trash and Fallen Papers at the Business License Releasing Area

Give the piece of paper where the corporation’s name is written to a man outside the window. This same man is shouting, announcing and releasing Business Licenses to other people waiting, like you.

Then wait while people inside find your Business License.

Then wait…

And wait…

And wait some more…

Some people wait for 3 to 4 hours….

(Like me, I had to come back 3 times and wait about 2 hours every time just to find out that our Business License is NOT YET DONE.)

Anyway… just wait… just like everybody else does.

Until the man upfront will shout your Corporation’s name… and have you sign something as proof that somebody claimed that particular Business License. No ID’s required. I took some pictures of what you can expect during this time:

Common Scenery at Makati City Hall During the Period of Claiming Business Licenses


Common Scenery at Makati City Hall During The Period of Claiming of Business Licenses 2

And…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You deserve a BIG HUG for completing the renewal of your business license!!!

Need someone to skip the whole process and concentrate on your business instead? You can go to a Lawyer’s Office (which we did in the past).. They charge about 25,000 pesos Professional Fee to renew your Business License.  Free Lancers can do the same job for you for a lot cheaper price (probably 5,000 to 10,000 pesos), but surety is not guaranteed. If you have someone you trust, it’s up to you.

Hope this post gave you an idea on how to renew your Business License in Makati City.

Have a great day!

Make life simple.

Tinnitus is a condition where a person suffers ringing, buzzing, humming, or clicking sound in the ear. The top causes of tinnitus are:

a. Drugs– medications like aspirin and alcohol can cause tinnitus.

b. Lurking ear diseases– if you are suffering from gradual loss of hearing, consult your EENT (or Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat doctor). Hear loss is often accompanied by ear noise. Also, infections, Meniere’s Disease, and sinusitis can cause tinnitus.

c. General health problems– have your blood pressure checked as this may cause frequent headaches (especially at the back of your head), and ear ringing.

d. Stress– this can aggravate tinnitus.

Tinnitus is often persistent but sufferers only hear the ringing intermittently… Especially when they are under stress.”

e. Malnutrition– deficiency in certain metals such as zinc and magnesium often cause ear ringing.

f. Trauma– if you had a car accident in the past few months which involved even just slight trauma to the head (and ear area), do consult your doctor.

Tinnitus Treatments

Getting rid of the causes most often gets rid of the irritating ear noise. However, this is not very easy.

Most people who have tried and tested tons of products, devices (like Tinnitus Maskers), even surgery to cure tinnitus often find temporary relief only.

Top 3 Natural Treatments For Tinnitus

These treatments have been used effectively against tinnitus for thousands of years:

Tinnitus Miracle Video Review. This is the 'hottest' ear noise treatment product in the market today. Does it really work?

a. Acupuncture– Several controlled studies have shown that acupuncture can reduce symptoms of tinnitus. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) distinguishes the differences between chronic or intermittent tinnitus from an acute, or sudden onset.

    • Chronic Tinnitus usually presents with a low, buzzing sound and is associated with general weakness, and thought to be a “deficiency” condition. Thus, “tonifying” is indicated.
    • The Sudden Onset Tinnitus is thought to be due to and “excess” in something and the ringing is low, like screaming or thunder, and is not relieved by pressure on the ear. This presentation is treated by removing the “interferences” in the meridians around the ears.

A basic acupuncture prescription for tinnitus, which may take 10 to 15 sessions for improvement:

  • San Jao 3 and 17,
  • Gallbladder 2 and 43,
  • with Kidney 3 and 6 for the chronic type.
  • Scalp or ear points are also useful.

TCM has been around for many centuries; acupuncture often works, and it doesn’t hurt.

b. Eustachian Tube Drainage– is a technique used by naturopathic practitioners to relieve congestion in the tube behind the eardrum by draining the fluid out of the ear. Consult your local naturopath about this very simple procedure. This is also commonly done to people who are suffering from simple ear infection and unblocking the ears after diving or flying.

To DIY, you can follow the simple steps below:

    • Gently go beyond the hinge, towards the back of the throat until you find a stringy vertical tendon. This is called the “tonsillar pillar”.  Touching here will make most people gag, so go softly and carefully.
    • Just behind the tonsillar pillar, down low near the root of the tongue, is the Eustachian tube, which feels like a small “mole tunnel” under the flesh. It may be impossible to feel, but if you got the tonsillar pillar you’re in the right area.
    • Gently stroke the Eustachian tube from the ear side of the back of the throat towards the middle (towards the tongue) several times until you can’t stand it. Same thing on the other side if the tinnitus is bilateral.
    • Do this daily and consistently for up to a week. Repeat as needed.


c. Homeopathy– A 250-year-old medical science with German origins which uses plant, mineral and even animal material in minute doses to help the patient’s innate “healing force” to overcome certain disease conditions.  While better results are to be expected when working with a trained homeopath, the following remedies (with key symptoms in parentheses) have been useful in tinnitus:

  • Carbo veg: tinnitus after an illness
  • Cimicifuga: head and neck tension, hypersensitive, menstrual headaches
  • Coffea cruda: buzzing in back of head, insomnia
  • Graphites: tinnitus and deafness, cracking skin, constipation
  • Kali carb: roaring noises with itchy ears; queasy stomach
  • Lycopodium: echoing sound, chronic digestive or urinary tract problems
  • Nat salicylicum: low, dull hum. Helpful in Meniere’s diseaseSalicylicum acidum: loud roaring, may present with vertigo or deafness. Especially helpful if tinnitus is due to excessive aspirin use.

The Mistakes that Sufferers Often Make:

Hunting for ear noise treatments that work permanently can be tough fore some because… They jump around looking for “instant” tinnitus cures which work for awhile only.

The Truth About Permanent Tinnitus Cure

Researches have found that the best way to get rid of the tinnitus completely is through holistic approach. A comprehensive system that deals with every aspect like possible health diseases that could have caused the ear noise, stress, nutritional aspect, homeopathic remedies, etc is usually most effective.

So far, one of the most comprehensive programs we’ve seen to help naturally cure tinnitus is a step-by-step program called Tinnitus Miracle. I did quite a lot of research and found that this ‘system’ has the highest positive feedback. Here’s a Tinnitus Miracle video review that would give you a sneak peak of what’s actually inside this program.

So how do you always look pulled together?

Here’s a tip:

Always wear a lipstick!

Use the long-lasting ones with glossy topcoat that come in neutral colors; they won’t come off every time you take a drink or eat or kiss someone!

My mum always told me that I shouldn’t leave the house without lipstick, because I look dead without it… It took me a long time to realize she was right.”  –Frances Houseman

Hope this helped.

Make life simple!

Boracay is a small island located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It is very popular for it’s fine white sand and its really calm and clear waters, especially in summer.

Tourists, foreigners and local tourists alike, flood the island mostly on April and December. The Philippines has only two seasons: sunny and rainy seasons; so Boracay is still a great place to go to even on December when the rest of the world is cold. In 2007, there were 600,000 people who visited the island.

If you want to go to Boracay, one thing you might be asking is if there are banks in the Island. Yes, there are 3 banks in the island and several ATM kiosks. Most of the ATMs are visible in the central area, especially D’Mall (which is located right at the center of the front beach area).

ATMs are easy to locate, but if you really need to go to a bank (perhaps you need to withdraw more money and the ATM only lets you withdraw less than 20,000 pesos or less), the 3 banks in Boracay are Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank, and Allied Bank. Probably 100% of the trike (by the way, trikes are the most common mode of transportation) drivers know where these banks are located. It would be very convenient for you to just have them take you there.

Or you can also check out the addresses and telephone numbers of the banks before you go through the link below:

Click here to view the complete addresses and reviews of banks in Boracay. (It also has a link to an ATM locator…)

Hope this helps!

And enjoy your vacation!

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